Leaving Guam and Knitting....

I'll always remember a sign that hung, years ago, over my Moms  washing machine.
 It went something like this;

There are 7 wonders of the world
and the 8th I long to see
the bottom of the basket
smiling vacant like 
at me

As you can guess, it was about the laundry basket. 
Well, it's my knitting basket I'm talking about today.  It's full of projects that need to be done by September, or around the time winter hits in Oklahoma.
I'm so happy to say, "My daughter, her Coast Guard husband and their three children will finally be shipped out of Guam after a three year tour of duty" 
For this grandma it will be so nice to have my three grandsons all a short flight away from me, once again. They will be moving to Oklahoma where the Coast Guard has their headquarters and what they do there, I have no idea?  No water around the state, but I'm guessing it's paper work at that sector.

Gina said to me, "Mom, we have been living in hot steamy Guam and none of us have any winter clothing".  Oklahoma gets down below 0 at times.. "Please can you make us all Hats and Scarves, and can they be heavy, long and wide, so we can wrap them around our faces on blistery days."

Gina's first set is almost finished.  I just need to weave in all the end strands of yarn.

I also made her a one piece neck wrap.

For my son-in-law, I chose CG blue, so he could use it for work. I'm happy to say my cables are coming out quite nice.

For my three small grandsons, I asked each, what colors they wanted.  Well they all knew right away.  The first set are of bulky wool to keep their little heads warm when the temps dip in the single digits.

Then the left over yarn went into a fourth.  
They can fight over this one later.

 Once I get these finished I will start on a lighter weight set for each.  The boys want green, blue and red. I think I'll do a pattern on each of these... maybe? 

The nice thing about knitting is I can bring it with me to appointments. You know the ones that leave you waiting in a seat for long periods, it makes the time pass so much faster

Now all I need, is to see 

"The bottom of that basket smiling vacant like at me"

It is wonderful  knowing, in June,  my kids are leaving that tiny island of Guam, smack dab in the middle of the So. Pacific. 
Gina said, "Mom, just think, no more daily earthquakes"
She said, "Every day the wall photos move, or the light over the dining room sways.  The water in the glass swishes in your hand. Then when your sitting on the side of the bed you think someone just jumped up and down, when no one is in the room with you".
I give my girl a lot of credit.  Three years and she never complained of living on a Navy Base with Guam Jungle all around her. 
She loves her husband that much.
I had to laugh at her words, "The moment the plane lands on US Soil she is going to hit the tarmac and do (tarmac/snow) Angles and kiss the ground.  Oh, and when she gets into Target she will be the "Target Lady" and skip through the isles.....

Now that is a good reason to get out of there!

Thank God for our Military Men and Women scattered around the world, Protecting Us

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Abby said...

YAY!!!!!!! That is so exciting!!! I can imagine how happy you must be. We're done in Guam in May...counting down... haha Best wishes to them.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

well, you're knitting so fast I bet you got smoke coming off your fingers. That scarf set and cowl(?) look great!
You'll be so glad to have 'em home.


Pondside said...

What great news for you! It will be wonderful to have those boys so much closer.

Cristina Garay said...

It's so nice you put the map! I've heard about Guam, but oh boy! I didn't know it was so far away! I'm happy for you they are gonna be closer now! The knitting sets are looking Great!

Darla said...

Love the hats and scarves! I know you all will be happier when your family is back in the states.....hope everything goes according to plan.