Taking a Stroll Around My Yard and The Grand Prix...

Today was a beautiful day in my area of Florida.  We have had thunder storms this past three nights, small ones, but the sound and rain just makes me feel wonderful.  
It tells me Summer is on the way.

I got out early and took a stroll around my yard, to see what plantings were coming up and I was just so happy to see the new buds of some and flowers on others.

The Gardenia tree is full of new buds that should turn into the sweetest smelling flowers, in about a week.

There must be hundreds of these little buds. Soon walking past my front door will be heavenly.

Seeds from last years Black Eyed Susan's have sprouted and each of the dozen plants are different heights. This means I'll have blooms all summer and into the fall.

I was surprised to see the pineapple is growing back.  It was much too chilly for it to have survived?

This yellow Day Lilly was a surprise.  
I found the tubers laying on the side of the house and put them in a large pot with other plants from last year, about a month ago...

My little bud vase had the pleasure of "The first cuttings" of the spring.

For all of you in need of something to do this weekend..  today the "St. Petersburg, Grand Prix" is winding in and around the roads and it's only 15 miles from me.  Each year the streets of the city are turned into a raceway and thousands of people come into town to watch big names in racing.

Now that is enough to make me smile.

"Have a dirty hands week everyone"

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Pondside said...

It is so nice to visit summer - through the miracle of blogging!
Up here Spring is trying to make an appearance. We see the sun but we don't feel it yet!

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

I, too, will bask in your online warm weather! We had an inch of snow here last Tuesday, but it all melted and it is warming up, but not drying out yet! Florida is such an amazing place. I've always wanted to visit ever since I saw "Key Largo" with Humphrey Bogart!

Diana said...

Lovely tour. We are downright hot, here in Tennessee, but our plants are not quite as far along.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Magical tour of your garden ~ Lovely and photos are awesome! ~thanks, namaste, ^_^ linked w/ Outdoor Wednesday