Corsican Mint

 Today was a beautiful Saturday, garage sale day, and my area had many.  While driving around the neighborhoods I came upon a really sweet garden shop and I know I said, "No more plants this season", I could not help myself when I came upon the sweetest little pot of "Corsican Mint"

Mentha Requienii

 "Powerfully fragrant microscopic mint, useful for carpeting dampish places.  The diminutive mint has long been used as flavoring for crème de menthe liqueur. The best part of this plant is the minty fragrance, released when you step on it. Some say it has the scent of pennyroyal. On a warm summer day, sitting in the shade is cooling, but placing your bare feet and wiggling your toes over the tiny, cool-to-the-touch mint while breathing in the released fragrance is both cooling and as refreshing as the liqueur made from it and poured on the rocks.

The above description of this teeny mint makes me want to buy more and put it between the stepping stones at the bottom of my deck stairs.  But for now, I re-potted the little plant in a terracotta pot and hung it from one of the hickory trees off the deck.

I chose this spot because it gets about 4 hours of sun each day and it's hanging in a secure basket, to keep the critters from knocking it over.  Also the stones placed around the top of the pot will keep the squirrels from digging in the dirt. (they do a lot of damage on my deck)

 From what I've read about this mint after each season it can be divided and re-planted, so long as I don't kill it before the end of summer.  The best part, the 2" plastic pot was all of $1.25 so I may just go get 10 more  and put it between a few stepping stones and see how well it grows....

As for the garage sales, the pickins were slim and I did not find much.  Oh well, there is always next week.

"Happy Spring"

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Jennifer said...

Hi Sandy, I have always loved the tiny fragrant leaves of this herb. The little hanger you devised for the pot is cute!

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

I love corsican mint! I had a container of it that my Mom started for me, and I had it growing inside for years. Eventually it died out, and I've been meaning to get some seeds and get some started again, because it was lovely--so you have motivated me!