Pink Slime (Sludge) and Your Childrens Health.....

I know your wondering "What is that"??

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of wondering what to eat and what is safe to eat! ?

This wonderful looking stuff is ground meat!  Really!

It has been fed to our kids over the years. Yes, if you bought Chicken Nuggets, this is what it starts out as! I'm sure you have noticed the new advertising from McDonalds stating their Chicken Nuggets are now made with only the best white meat... they stopped using this Pink sludge a few years ago. (thank you).
The USDA says the “Lean Finely Textured Beef or Chicken” is treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill bacteria. It claims the meat is safe, and has been on the menu in school cafeterias since the 1990’s. Knowing this makes me what to "GAG"!  
The new word is, the government just bought another  $7 million dollars of the stuff for our schools..
 Please, feed it to Congress for "Their" lunch!!

But what about the rest of the "Food Chain"?

Food manufacturers think you're stupid. In fact, they’re banking on it. Why else would Hershey’s put a ribbon on the Good & Plenty box that says “A fat-free candy.” Sure, it's true—no fat in the box—but it's also very misleading. The candy is essentially 100 percent sugar and processed carbs. And Hershey knows the average American equates fat-free with being good for you.

Your food can legally contain maggots and rat poop. Sure, the FDA limits the amount of such appetite killers in your food, but that limit isn't zero. Trace amounts won’t make you sick, but the thought of them will.

The leanest cuts of meat may have the highest sodium levels. Leaner cuts by definition are less juicy. To counteract this, some manufacturers "enhance" turkey, chicken, and beef products by pumping them full of a liquid solution that contains water and salt.

Junk food is like a drug. A study in the journal of Nature Neuroscience found that eating junk food doesn’t just satisfy cravings—it creates them. That’s right; junk food is addictive. That's why manufacturers load their foods with sugar, salt, and artificial flavorings, and why you should never forget the golden rule: If your food can go bad, it's good for you. If it can't go bad, it's bad for you.

Calorie counts may be wrong. To ensure you're getting at least as much as you pay for, the FDA is more likely to penalize a food manufacturer for overstating the net weight of a product than understating it. As a result, manufacturers often package more food than the stated net weight or make servings heavier than the stated serving size weight. 

There are more than 3,000 items on the FDA’s list of approved food additives—everything from acesulfame potassium (an artificial sweetner that animal studies have linked to breast cancer) to Yellow #5 (a food coloring linked to learning and concentration disorders in children).

I know the majority of people eat what makes them happy and I'm not preaching here but I went healthy after my heart decided to not work right.  That scared me into eating only healthy foods.  I also can say I never had junk food in my home when the kids were growing up.. no, not even soda.  Today they all eat healthy and feed their kids the same.  So it does work if you don't bring the bad foods home. Your kids will eat what you feed them. My 27yr old daughter has a totally Vegan home and her boys don't even ask for junk at all.

Please take a moment to sign the petition above.  
Although I don't have children in school anymore,  I don't want your kids to eat this sludge either.. it's in your schools,  fast food restaurants and in frozen foods.. think about that!

Now that I made you all go "Ewwww"
Have a great week.

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Pondside said...

In the end, we're all better off to shop at farmers' markets for what we can't grow, and to buy our meat from the producer, wherever possible. This takes the idea of clean living to a whole new level!

Diann said...

this is exactly why we don't allow our 4 yr. old to eat chicken nuggents. We make our own and they are so easy to do. Being a small business owner (we sell herbs and products made from herbs) we never use any kind of chemical. Everything we grow and produce is fresh and natural. Have you watched Jamie Oliver and his series on just this subject?

Dawn Conklin said...

It is horrifying what they allow into the foods. I actually emailed the Whitehouse last summer about acesulfame potassium. I found it in a drink and did not know what it was. Me being somebody who does not know much about sweeteners saw the "potassium" and thought it was potassium.

We don't eat much junk food here. Occasionally we will have cookies or ice cream. I have 2 Girl Scouts in the house, we eat cookies! Our favorite snack is popcorn.

The pink slime is a bit of a shock in a way but on the other hand not really, it is disgusting and I am against it. But given the track record of things that have been found in food and are allowed in food, it is not a big shock to me. Sad to say :(